President Trump reacts to Limbaugh’s passing (VIDEO)1 minute read

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President Trump was on Fox News earlier to react to Rush Limbaugh’s passing.

It was about a year ago that President Trump awarded Rush Limbaugh with the highest award available for a civilian, the Medal of Freedom.

Rush has been fighting a longtime battle with lung cancer. The illness prevented the legendary radio talk show host from going on the air for about a month. Rush Limbaugh sadly passed away earlier today.

President Trump had very kind words to say about his friend and one of his biggest supporters. He detailed that he didn’t know Rush prior to announcing his run for President. The two became good friends after Limbaugh agreed with much of what Trump said at that now infamous press conference.

Trump also says he was able to speak to Rush just a few days ago.

Trump reacts to Rush Limbaugh’s death on Fox News: ‘He is a legend’

Former President Trump joins Fox News to discuss Rush Limbaugh’s media legacy. Limbaugh died at age 70 after a battle with lung cancer.Subscribe to Fox News!…

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