Mike Lindell and My Pillow account wiped from Twitter, thrown off Newsmax2 minute read

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Mike Lindell – founder of the “My Pillow” company – has been a surprisingly loud voice in the fight for fair elections and the theft of the 2020 Presidential election.

Lindell has been a friend to President Trump for quite some time. He has been at The White House a number of times. But when he was last seen at The White House on January 15th, many left-leaning outlet stores that carried the “My Pillow” products removed them from their shelves because he questioned the election.

Lindell says even with all the cancel culture attacks on his company, sales are actually up and their actually hiring new people to work in the shipping department.

We’ve been so busy, we’re actually hiring right now for shipping,” Lindell explained while on Newsmax.

He was on Newsmax to talk about Twitter banning him and the official My Pillow company account. But, Lindell went into how he has proof that the Dominion voting machines switched votes from Trump to Biden. He says that is why he was banned. And that he will be releasing it all on Friday.

The Newsmax host quickly shut Lindell down and cut him off going into some disclaimer. Lindell would not back down, so the Newsmax host literally walked off the set live on air.

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Newsmax invites Mike Lindell, who advocated for a coup and spews dangerous conspiracy theories, on air. It didn’t go well. pic.twitter.com/6xzSgXlHua

It appeared that this may have been the last time we’d see Lindell on Newsmax Television. But it wasn’t. He came back on but stuck to the topic of the Twitter ban.

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BREAKING: MyPillow CEO Mike Lindell returns to talk about ‘cancel culture,’ his relationship with Newsmax, Trump on trial and more. @SchmittNYC https://t.co/VlT7z8drtO pic.twitter.com/gwQiSBnIn8

What exactly does Lindell have in the way of proof of vote switching and election fraud? Hopefully he really releases everything on Friday and it is as damning as he says…

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