Georgia elected Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene but Democrats want to undo that1 minute read

Republican Georgia Representative Marjorie Taylor Greene has been in office for barely a month and is already being labeled as “the enemy” by House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and a “cancer” by Mitch McConnell. All because they don’t agree with what she says.

Greene says some things that are against the official narrative of many subjects. Such as the Sandy Hook shooting, 9/11 and others. She is also a follower of QAnon. She may meddle in conspiracy theories, however, all she is doing is using her first amendment.

The House literally voted to remove Rep. Greene from all House Committees earlier today.

Rep. Greene won her seat in Georgia by a landslide, earning 229,827 votes to her Democratic opponents 77,798.

Resolution 91 passed with 216 votes from all Democrats and 0 Republican votes. I find it extremely sad that these people are trying to not only silence a sitting Representative, but also trying to thwart the almost 230,000 Georgia voters who elected her to represent their values in Congress.

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BREAKING: House Resolution 91 has PASSED and Marjorie Taylor Greene (Q-Georgia) has been removed from the Education and Budget committees.

It is absolutely unacceptable for any member of Congress to try and limit the power of another elected Congress member because they disagree with their opinion.

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Rep. @mtgreenee addresses the charges against her head-on and makes her case that a weak GOP-not the Left’s caricature of her as an extremist kook-is the real problem.For full podcast:WATCH:

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