Dr. Steve Pieczenik still thinks Trump is in power and this is still part of “the plan”2 minute read

Intelligence expert Dr. Steve Pieczenik was on The Alex Jones Show on January 13th and predicted that President Trump would stay in power and Joe Biden would not be inaugurated on January 20th. He also predicted there would be mass arrests including Nancy Pelosi, Hunter Biden, Joe Biden, Mitt Romney and others. None of that has happened and as we all know, Joe Biden was sworn in as President.

During that same interview Pieczenik also made a bet with Alex Jones that if Trump did not remain in power he would never come back on Infowars, but if Trump did remain President, Jones would employ Pieczenik with a full-time healthy salary.

That also didn’t happen. Pieczenik came back on Infowars earlier today and spoke with Alex Jones to “face the music” about his prediction not coming to fruition.

In his return to Infowars, Pieczenik doubled down on his predictions and said that not only is Trump “still in power” but also this is all going according to plan…

“What you’re seeing happen is exactly what Trump wanted to happen,” Pieczenik explained.

Why is Trump silent? When in his history, he has never been silent. Part of the reason is – and I’m going back to Sun Tzu – he understands that in order to take back the power that he has – he never gave it away – he has to expose to the American public [the corruption],” Pieczenik said.

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