BREAKING: Steven Crowder is considering running for office3 minute read

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Steven Crowder’s “Louder With Crowder” has only been back for two days since taking their long break. But he is hitting the ground running.

“Louder with Crowder” host Steven Crowder announced today on his daily show that he is seriously considering running for political office.

I’m thinking about running for office. I’ve never thought about running for office.

Crowder, a prominent voice in the Conservative movement has a massive following online and is seen to many as the best well-rounded Conservative. Meaning, he is well versed in many aspects such as historically and present day topics, as well as being very centered around common sense issues.

Crowder was asked by one of his staff, “what would you run for?”

Um, maybe Governor of Michigan,” Crowder said with a half smile. “Or maybe Mayor of some town in Michigan,” Crowder explained. “Some place I can actually make a difference.”

What I am most afraid of going forward with someone like Donald Trump – and I know someone like Donald Trump is an egotist and was in it for his own self interest to some capacity. But he also has a lot to lose. He came from the private sector. He was an outsider. And that was a huge component to the vitriolic hatred that he experienced. And I am afraid that because of Donald Trump his scalp being hung up there – not only Donald Trump but they want to crucify anyone who supported Donald Trump,” Crowders continued.

I am so concerned now, especially in the era of social media where everyone has stuff out there that can be used against them. That people, good people, who actually want to change the country for good, will be afraid to run because they know their lives will be destroyed, their reputation will be destroyed, there families will be dragged through the mud, because of the elite political system, the ruling class in Washington D.C.,” Crowder said.

This is why I’m actually considering running, because I have nothing to lose, I have made a lot mistakes, my flaws are open for everyone to see, on full display,” Crowder passionately explained.

I want all of those folks out there to feel as though they can represent their constituents without fear of having their life being destroyed,” Crowder exclaimed.

He ended the segment by asking for what we – the viewers – think about it and that it won’t be happening anytime soon. The comments on the clip were virtually all positive.

I would love to see Crowder run for office, any office. He is extremely knowledgeable about history, geo-politics, and just how overall government works. He has been the strongest voice in the Conservative voices in the movement. He is levelheaded and would ensure each person, regardless of party affiliation, gets to be heard.

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