Biden’s immigration plan is reopening dangerous loopholes for illegals to exploit3 minute read

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Joe Biden has signed 50 executive orders since taking office less than two-weeks ago. That is the most in history. Most of the orders have been pretty bad, others have been much to do with nothing and used to grandstand to his far-left base.

But The White House just released a “fact sheet” regarding immigration and it’s extremely dangerous.

Biden-Harris Administration Forms Family Reunification Task Force and Issues Executive Orders on Regional Migration and Legal Immigration

The statement titled “President Biden Outlines Steps to Reform Our Immigration System by Keeping Families Together, Addressing the Root Causes of Irregular Migration, and Streamlining the Legal Immigration System,” lays out the radical immigration plans of the Biden-Harris administration, including rewarding over 11 million people that broke the law and entered the country illegally with citizenship: “On January 20th, the Biden Harris Administration took the first steps in a broad, whole of government effort to finally reform our immigration system, including sending to Congress legislation that creates a pathway to citizenship for the nearly 11 million undocumented immigrants living in and contributing to our country.

We reported back in April of 2019 when Biden announced his run for president That he bashed President Trump for “putting kids in cages,” despite it being completely debunked and proven that children were put in cages during the Obama/Biden administration.

The statement released today also talks about “the separation of families” at the border. The Biden administration has created some sort of task force to “reunite” families, “[Biden] has made clear that reversing the Trump Administration’s immigration policies that separated thousands of families at the border is a top priority. A key part of this effort is the creation of a task force to reunite families that remain separated.”

It goes onto state, “This task force will work across the U.S. government, with key stakeholders and representatives of impacted families, and with partners across the hemisphere to find parents and children separated by the Trump Administration.”

What the statement conveniently leaves out is why those “families” were separated.

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80% of minors cared for by HHS arrived in the US alone, unaccompanied, without a parent. They were not separated by the government. #ChangeTheLaws

Furthermore, smugglers have adapted their methods over the years to get across the Mexico-US border by taking advantage of our weak immigration laws according to a DHS spokeswoman.

The eye-popping increase in fraud and abuse shows that these smugglers know it’s easier to get released into America if they are part of a family and if they bring unaccompanied alien children,” said Katie Waldman, a Homeland Security spokeswoman. “These loopholes make a mockery of our nation’s laws, and Congress must act to close these legal loopholes and secure our borders.”

Why is Biden doing this? Simply put, it’s for votes. Sadly, Biden sees the 11 million+ illegals in this country as 11 million+ new Democratic voters that would help ensure the Democratic Party stays in power for decades to come. Never-mind the thousands of Americans who’ve been murdered by illegal aliens. Never-mind the millions of jobs that are taken away from Americans by illegals aliens.

Joe Biden and Kamala Harris will continue to dictate through executive order and put America last. This is Joe Biden’s America.

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