Here’s the problem with creating a new political party2 minute read

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Rumors were swirling that President Trump may be planning on creating a new political party. However, Donald Trump’s team filed an FEC clarification saying the former President has no affiliation with the “Patriot Party” started by Michael Joseph Gaul.

The problem with a new political party

A new party sounds appealing, but lets weight the pros and cons first. This clip was taken from “The Nicolas Bowling Show” 11. http…

The Republican Party as a whole is dead. There are a few great Patriots in the GOP such as Matt Gaetz, Ter Cruz, Jim Jordan and others. But as a majority, the Republicans are no longer conservative at heart.

Mitch McConnell had been the worst Republican Senate leader ever. He single-handedly lost the two Georgia Senate seats – which should have been an easy victory – and lost the majority.

Although Trump has basically disavowed a new political party, I totally understand why a new party could be appealing. McConnell and many Republicans stabbed President Trump in the back over and over again during his presidency and thereafter.

However, it’s important to weigh the pros and cons before supporting or enacting such a large move.

If a new party is started, that would give the Democrats more control. At least until the third-party overtakes the GOP. That could be a very long time.

The new party would take votes away from the GOP. Since the Democrats always stay united, their amount of votes wouldn’t change. But the Republican votes would be split.

According to a new poll by Just The News, a new party would pull about 25% of the votes. Which would put the GOP in third place.

We will see what happens. Personally, I’d like to see these Republicans replaced with true conservatives that stand on their morals.

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