Parler CEO John Matze gives update in interview with Dinesh D’Souza2 minute read

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The assault on free speech is real. You’re not allow to express your opinion on Twitter. Even if that “expression” has nothing to do with harming someone or inciting violence.” It doesn’t matter. Want to call your supporters “American Patriots?” That may be a secret “coded” message according to Twitter.

Parler was the number one rated app in the Apple App Store for months. Until, big tech colluded and killed the app. They lost access to both app stores, then they were killed off of their Amazon servers.

Parler CEO John Matze lays out the incredible battle he and his team are going through everyday since being banned.

There’s only less than ten companies in the United States that can offer infrastructure security for us. None of them wanted to work with us. So now we have to go international,” Matze explained. “And it’s sad that our American values aren’t here to say free speech. We’re not here to say you have a right to run your own business. They’re not here to uphold America values. So we have to go outside of the country, really, to find security for our site.

So, when does Parler CEO John Matze think Parler will be fully back up and running?

Hopefully by the end of this month. So the end of January 2021.”

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