Lin Wood posts whistleblower video accusing Obama, Hillary, Justice Roberts others of coup to kill Justice Scalia & others2 minute read

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This article contains allegations made by a whistleblower not affiliated with These allegations have not been confirmed.

Georgia attorney Lin Wood has been saying for months that Vice President Mike Pence should be tried for treason. Also stating that Chief Justice Roberts allegedly is into some very sick stuff. He was silenced and permanently banned from Twitter.

Wood hasn’t released much in the way of evidence to support his accusations. Until yesterday. Wood released a shocking series of clips of an anonymous whistleblower accusing Justice Roberts, Hillary Clinton, President Obama, Vice President Mike Pence, and others of a coup to murder Justice Antonin Scalia to take over the Judiciary branch.

The whistleblower goes over the following:

  • There is a massive pedophilia ring inside D.C.
  • How Jeffery Epstein and Justice Roberts met.
  • There are recordings of the accounts and the FBI has them.
  • Rod Rosenstein had a major part in this as well.
  • Hillary Clinton was supposed to win the presidency in 2016 to cover this up and pack the court.
  • Justice Scalia was in the way and had to be taken out.

The clips have been viewed by almost 1 million people on Lin Wood’s Telegram account. Please share this article!

Lin Wood whistleblower video

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Sorry this doesn’t prove shit.


It does when the whistleblower is cia director James clapper. Thats his voice. Play any vid of clappers.100$ irs him. Your welcome I ke😉


He,s telling the truth.

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