Why are Conservatives/Trump supporters still supporting Twitter?5 minute read

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Any Conservative and/or Trump supporter still using Twitter is complacent with censorship and making sure Jack Dorsey stays rich.

Why are Conservatives/Trump supporters still supporting Twitter?

Any Conservative and/or Trump supporter still using Twitter is complacent with censorship and making sure Jack Dorsey stays rich.Read the full article: https…

For the longest time, I kept my Twitter account despite being shadow-banned because I thought I was “sticking it to the man.” “The man” of course being Jack Dorsey. However, Twitter banning the President of the United States was the final straw.

I decided that I will no longer stand by and support a company that silences people and officially sent my last tweet and deleted the app on January 11th. I had over 24,000 followers. Yet, I got virtually no likes or retweets. Why is that? Because I was shadow-banned. It’s interesting. When I was in the music industry, Twitter was A-OK with me. It allowed me to become the #1 ranked mixtape DJ in Tampa. The second I retired and shifted into politics, specifically, I became a conservative, they shadow-banned me.

Project Veritas just released another video in their #ExposeTwitter series. This time we hear from not only Jack Dorsey but also from Vijaya Gadde, Twitter’s Legal, Policy, and Trust & Safety Lead Executive. She lays out exactly what we all already knew. That Twitter isn’t stopping at banning the leader of the free world – President Trump, “We’re going to actually be more aggressive in our enforcement beyond de-amplification,” Gadde said.

Twitter Senior Executive Vijaya Gadde Details Plans for Political Censorship on a Global Scale

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Gadde admits that these bans are not just the decision of Twitter, but it is a coordinated effort, “A lot of our learnings here [in the United States] have come from other markets. So, in that sense, you know, we do feel like it is – this is our global approach.

Their conservative purge continues. They just banned freshman Congresswoman Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-Ga.) simply for questioning the 2020 election results.

It started with Alex Jones, but it ends with you. This is why I’m shocked when I see major conservative voices like Paul Joseph Watson, Mark Dice, Representative Lauren Boebert, and many others just sitting by and taking the abuse from Twitter. Not only are they taking it, but they’re also literally letting Jack Dorsey profit off of them.

If you want to show Dorsey that you’re not okay with him being more powerful than the US government, and censoring conservatives, then STOP USING TWITTER! Otherwise, you have no place complaining about censorship. Because you support it.

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