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Finally, someone has put together a comprehensive list of all the evidence of voter/election fraud from the 2020 presidential election.

Since that long November 3rd night we’ve heard “there is no evidence of voter fraud.” Then, when we presented the evidence, it was changed to “there is no evidence of widespread voter fraud.” Of course, we all know there is.

Whether it be the late night ballot dumps that were virtually exclusively for Joe Biden or key battleground states changing their constitution without going through the legislator, there are literally too many “anomalies” for these to be coincidences. This was a coordinated effort to steal the election from President Trump. brilliantly goes down the list of all the evidence proving the election was stolen. Here are just some of the key points they present…

  • 2,036,041 Ballots Touched By Admissible Anomalies
  • 923 Fact Witnesses
  • 50+ Courts Blocked an Evidentiary Hearing
  • No election contest in American history has had 923 citizens stake their personal freedom on sworn testimony to attest to irregularities and legal issues.
  • With the same Ballot Integrity Procedures as 2018, swing states would have found upwards of 30x more illegal ballots.
  • A court in Arizona had two handwriting expert witnesses evaluated the signatures on 100 random absentee ballots.
  • The Republican expert witness found 6% of signatures on the 100 ballots were problematic.
  • The Democrat expert witness found 9% of signatures on the 100 ballots were problematic.

Go see the HUGE list of evidence at and share it with everyone!

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