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The masks are completely off, figuratively speaking. We see who the traitors are, especially in the Republican party. But the Democrats are also showing their true colors more and more everyday. To take a quote from Dennis Green: “They are who we thought they were!”

The hatred for President Donald J. Trump is so strong it completely consumes people like Nancy Pelosi (D-Cal), Chuck Schemer (D-NY), AOC (D-NY), Mitt Romney (R-UT) and many others.

They are trying to impeach the President of the United States not because he broke any laws, or committed “treason” but because they think he is responsible for the crazy people that “stormed” the Capitol building on January 6th. Just to be clear, The President absolutely did not call for any avoidance while talking to a crowd of hundreds of thousands of Americans. You can see a full transcript right here. But here is one excerpt from his speech that I wanted to point out…

I know that everyone here will soon be marching over to the Capitol building to peacefully and patriotically make your voices heard.” President Trump said to a huge crowd of Americans

If he was calling for violence, he wouldn’t say “peacefully” and talk about making your voice be heard. The President did absolutely nothing to incite violence at the Capitol.

Nancy Pelosi cares about impeachment not stimulus

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Many questions surround this second impeachment of President Trump. Here is a couple of answers to those questions:


1. Is there enough time?
  1. Answer: The last impeachment of President Trump, the inquiry period lasted from September to November of 2019. Then he was officially impeached by the House Of Representatives on December 18, 2019. It was then sent to the Republican held Senate, DOA. All in all the process took about two and a half to three months, that is with the Senate spiking it on basically on arrival. So it doesn’t look like there is time. However, Nancy Pelosi is a VERY spiteful woman. I would not be supervised if she makes the Congress work round-the-clock for impeachment.
2. Will Trump lose his Secret Service  protection?

2. Answer: According to the Presidents Protection Act of 2012. The President would have to be impeached, convicted and removed from office in order for those benefits such as SS detail. That is unlikely, since Republicans have control of the Senate. However, as I stated above, the RINO‘s are coming out in full force so I am not sure how many of them we can count on.

3. Can Donald Trump run again in 2024?

3. Answer: This one is more of the same. The prevention of someone running or holding public office is when someone is impeached, convicted and removed from office. So again, this comes down to the Senate. Which doesn’t give me much hope.

Things to remember…

Senate Majority leader Mitch McConnell supposedly said that he is open to impeaching President Trump this time. Despite President Trump leaving office in less than 8 days… That very well could be a tactic though. McConnell telling the Democrats he is open to it then stalling it to run out the clock in hopes the Democrats let it go after President Trump leaves office.

They’re horrified of Donald Trump. They know his supporters are the most loyal fans in political history. If he runs in 2024 he will truly win in a landslide like we’ve never seen before. And they will not be able to steal it, because we are privy to their games. No poll watcher will be kicked out, we won’t fall for the “busted water pipe” in the next election. They know that, they’re terrified. They’ve silenced the President of the United States for that exact reason.

You can view the full articles of impeachment here.

People “breached” the Capitol, SO WHAT?

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