Rudy Giuliani volunteers to become special prosecutor against Biden family1 minute read

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Rudy Giuliani was on Steve Bannon’s “War Room” this morning and talked about the recent Hunter Biden findings and what we now know has been an on-going investigation into his dealing with foreign entities.

While on the show Bannon buried Attorney General William Barr for not coming forward sooner that he was investigating the Biden family. Bannon asked the former New York Mayor if he would be willing to be the special prosecutor for a Biden family investigation.

Steve Bannon presented the question to Rudy, “Mayor, would you volunteer to be that special prosecutor?

“I’d volunteer to be the special prosecutor,” Giuliani responded, “I’d volunteer to do a 10-hour lecture, I’d volunteer to be questioned, I’d volunteer to show them through my records, I’d volunteer to take them through the hard drive.”

If you were appointed special prosecutor today,” Bannon asked, “could you go in front of a grand jury and bring an indictment against Joe Biden and all of his family before the inauguration?

You certainly couldn’t bring a full racketeering indictment of the 30-years. But certainly you can do it in a case with the activity with the Chinese spies,” Rudy continued. “That case could be done pretty quickly. That has espionage aspects to it.

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