A Dominion Contractor just came forward and what he says is shocking1 minute read

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A man that claims to be a contractor for the vote counting company “Dominion”. He does not say he name during the video. He starts off the video reluctantly saying “well, I’m probably going to get fired for this.

Dominion Contractor. There is an avenue for fraud.

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What he lays out in the 13-minute video is quite shocking. He says that he feels what Rudy Giuliani is looking into is “barking up the wrong tree” and they will probably find nothing in those machines because the way the coding is setup.

He breaks down how the Dominion system works. At once point he pulls out a USB flash drive and says “so this flash-drive here had all of the ballots for Wayne County on it. And I’m here in my bedroom right now.

He then lays out just how easy it is to print out hundreds of thousands of fake ballots to manipulate the election.

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