BOMBSHELL: Project Veritas has hundreds of hours of internal recordings of CNN and is releasing them1 minute read

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In yet another show of true journalism, Project VeritasJames O’Keefe has uncovered more creatures in the swamp, this times it’s CNN.


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A CNN insider leaked the inside baseball for CNN’s morning conference call. O’Keefe says he has hundreds of hours of internal recordings from CNN. He says these calls expose a very clear bias that we all know CNN for.

O’Keefe was live streaming while on the CNN conference call while he unmuted the phone and popped in calling out Zucker by name. As soon as Zucker knew what was going on and who he was talking to he said they will have to figure out another way of doing their calls and hung up.

Veritas will be releasing these tapes in the coming days.

One of the #CNNTapes that they’ve already dropped is of CNN President Jeff Zucker saying that he believes President Trump is “sick” and may be on the “after effects of steroids”.

#CNNTapes: CNN President Jeff Zucker BLASTS Trump & Republicans on 9am Call with Senior Leadership

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Update: CNN released a Tweet saying what Project Veritas did may “be a felony”. O’Keefe laughed it off.

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Our Legal experts say Jeff Zucker is just mad and embarrassed. 😂Stay tuned!

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