Dominion technician caught on video possibly modifying votes on USB1 minute read

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A video has just been released showing a Dominion technician taking a USB stick from a voting machine and sticking it into a laptop.

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The video comes from a concerned citizen that recorded what she thought to be very suspicious activity. Her suspicions were spot on. The identity of the man is unknown, however at one point in the video the mans ID badge is visible and shows he is a “country technician”. Dominions logo is clearly visible on the badge showing she does work for the company.

This is extremely concerning on many levels. Even if he is not manipulating the votes, the voting machines are not supposed to be connected to the internet to avoid possible hacking. When the USB stick is put into the laptop, that would make it very vulnerable to hackers.

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The machines should not be connected in any way. The fact that he plugged the Election Management System data into an external laptop and manipulated it in the file explorer before palming it is enough to consider the entire election in that county to be compromised.

Furthermore, we heard the testimony from Greg Stenstrom who was a poll watcher in Pennsylvania and an expert in security fraud who said he witnessed major chain of custody violations in regards to missing USB sticks.

PA poll watcher: USB cards uploaded to voting machines 24+ times, 47 USB cards missing | NTD

A Republican poll observer from Pennsylvania’s Delaware County told a Senate GOP Policy Committee hearing in Gettysburg on Nov. 25 that he witnessed a range …

This is yet another concerning situation around Dominion.

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