The mail-in voting process is broken, here’s how to fix it4 minute read

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The COVID-19 “pandemic” has completely exposed just how ineffective our elections are ran, but more specifically how broken the absentee ballot process is. Here is how to fix it.


Mail-in ballots are susceptible to fraud…

1. Despite Twitter and Facebook saying mail-in ballots are not susceptible to fraud, they actually are. It’s common sense. Many states don’t even require any form of verification of the ballot.

You can view a full list of each state and their mail-in ballot verification process – or lack thereof – here. It’s pretty mind blowing, honestly.

The lack of verification makes it so easy to request a mail-in ballot for someone you know isn’t voting, take it, fill it out and send it in. In most states there is literally no way to stop that.

All states should require a copy of the voters drivers license or voter ID card with the ballot. An affidavit that needs to be signed stating this is my NAME’s ballot and I am filling it out to the best of my knowledge and of sound mind – or something along those lines to prevent people from filling out someone else’s ballot under the penalty of perjury.


Don’t accept ballots after Election Day…

2. Do not accept mail-in ballots that are post-marked after the election. We see many states extending the deadline for people to get their absentee ballots in. That’s absolutely ridiculous and needs to stop. Either get your ballot in in time or figure something else out.


Start counting ballots immediately…

3. There are states still counting votes. How could that be? Well, many states aren’t even able to begin counting ballots until the polls close on election night. That’s a huge problem, especially when the amount of absentee ballots received for the 2020 election were the most in history. That wasn’t a surprise. We knew this was going to happen because of COVID-19.

Some states even changed laws to send mail-in ballots to all registered voters even if they didn’t request one. So why could they do that, but not change the state laws that say they can’t start counting mail-in ballots early? This would ensure all votes are not only counted by election night, but also provide plenty of time to scrutinize each mail-in ballot to confirm they’re legitimate and meet standards.


Drop off, not mail…

4. Who knows how many ballots got lost in the mail? Sadly, we are now seeing a number of USPS employees coming forward blowing the whistle on the companies bias. The way to fix that is to not allow ballots to be mailed in. Increase the number of secure voter drop boxes across the country and make that the only way to turn in absentee ballots.


Final thoughts…

Personally, I am not a fan of mail-in ballots at all. They are extremely vulnerable to fraud. Voters send in their ballot and they magically disappear and never get counted. They get lost in the mail. The whole process is just lacking in my opinion.

Absentee ballots should only be offered to those who are disabled. For example, anyone with a handicap parking permit can get an absentee ballot if requested. Also, those who are stuck in the hospital or members of the military should also be the only ones who get an absentee ballot.

Another way to get rid of mail-in ballots is to declare Election Day a federal holiday. So people can be off work and actually go vote.

Getting rid of mail-in ballots may sound extreme, but let’s be clear here, we’re talking about our election. That is something that dictates the future of our country, the safety of Americans, healthcare, taxes, foreign affairs and beyond, I think we can spend one day on our countries future.

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