Dick Morris goes OFF on Georgia Secretary of State’s bogus “recount” effort1 minute read

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Political strategist and commentator Dick Morris was on “American Agenda” on Newsmax TV on Friday afternoon to discuss the recount underway in Georgia. He had some harsh words for Georgia Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger.

Dick Morris calls GA’s Secretary of State an SOB

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Morris highlighted many great points. One of which is a video showing Republican poll watchers being separated from the ballot counters. They’re still too far to be able to see anything.

Not only are they not being given any access to it, but there are all kinds of other problems with this recount. One is that the Secretary of State in his wisdom has said that he will not allow any signature verification,” Morris continued. “As a result, in absentee ballots, which are part of the problem, historically 3.5% of the absentee ballots are tossed. But so far in Georgia only 3/10 of 1%, a tenth as many have been tossed.

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