GoFundMe for USPS Whistleblower Richard Hopkins brings in $120,000 in one day1 minute read

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Richard Hopkins decided to reveal his name and show himself on camera. With that comes a great deal of backlash. According to Hopkins, the USPS has already seen Hopkins’s Whistleblower video by Project Veritas and is not very happy with him.

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BREAKING: Pennsylvania @USPS Whistleblower Richard Hopkins Goes Public; Confirms Federal Investigators Have Spoken With Him About Postmaster Rob Weisenbach’s Order To Backdate Ballots To November 3rd, 2020#ExposeUSPS pic.twitter.com/wdO8vUx2Vj

That is why he started a GoFundMe account. The goal was set at $50,000 and it is already at $119,389 after just one day! The Patriots are behind him!

What is likely to happen here, is that USPS will thoroughly comb through his record and put any infractions or policy violations under a microscope. Whether they were previously closed or not.

Richard Hopkins expressed this concern on his GoFundMe page:

“The Post Office has already been threatening my employment. I am scared for myself, my family, and those closest to me. Thank you James O’Keefe and Project Veritas for letting me tell my story when others wouldn’t. Please support me as I go forward with this battle.”

Because he bravely came forward to expose this massive post office scandal involving our election. He is a hero, and needs to be paused and donated to. He will most likely be fired and possibly even sued. I donated! You should to!

Support Richard Hopkins the Erie PA Whistleblower, organized by Richard Hopkins

My name is Richard Hopkins and I currently work for the United States Postal Service in Erie, Pennsylvania and I am willing to testify under oath that 2020 Presidential Election ballots are being backdated to November 3rd by my supervisors.

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