Lindsey Graham donates $500,000 to Trump’s legal fund1 minute read

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Finally some support from the GOP members. North Carolina Senator Lindsey Graham has pledged a $500,000 donation to President Trump’s defense legal fund. 

Lindsey Graham pledges $500K to Trump’s legal fund

Sen. Lindsey Graham says he will donate $500K to Trump’s legal fund as the campaign prepares for a battle in the courts. #FoxNews #Hannity Subscribe to Fox N…

Many members of the GOP have been silent on the election fraud we are seeing and the country. It’s quite disheartening to see. President Trump has been a Godsend for Republicans; and has helped many members get re-elected.

Graham was one of those Republicans. Despite the polls saying he would lose his NC Senate race by a large margin, he actually won very handily.

I’m here tonight to stand with President Trump. He stood with me. He’s the reason  we’re going to have a senate majority. My race was overwhelming. He helped senate Republicans. We’re going to pick up house seats because of the campaign that President Trump won. I’m going to donate $500,000 tonight to  President Trump’s defense legal fund.

Graham went on to encourage his Senate Republicans to also speak out on “these wrong doings.”

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