Joe Biden will consider making COVID-19 vaccine mandatory2 minute read

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Joe Biden on his approach to a potential COVID-19 vaccine

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During last nights ABC Town Hall with Joe Biden, a Republican voter asked the former Vice President a question about the coming COVID-19 vaccine and if he would make it mandatory. Biden’s answer was startling.

Question: “So my question for you is if a vaccine were approved by — between now and the end of the year, would you take it and if you were to become president, would you mandate that everyone has to take it.

Biden went on a bit of a rant. So I’m not going to include his entire winded answer. If you’d like to read the transcript, you can do so here.

Biden went on to say: “But I would think that we should be talking about — depending on the continuation of the spread of the virus, we should be thinking about making it mandatory.

Let’s be clear, a vaccine has not been created yet. A variation of companies are working around the clock to finalize one. So we aren’t sure of the side effects of such a concoction. However, all vaccines have side effects, some far worse than others.

Personally, I stay away from vaccines due to the side effects. And that’s my right to do so. Vaccines should never be mandatory. It’s unconstitutional and quite frankly medical tyranny. The government stepping in and forcing citizens to take any form of medication or injection is horrifying.

Furthermore, if you’ve have your vaccine – or wearing a mask for that matter – why does it matter if I do too? If they work like they say they should, it shouldn’t matter what I do.

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