Gavin McInnes – Proud Boys founder: “I’m Suing Biden & CNN”1 minute read

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Comedian, Political Commentator, and Founder of The Proud Boys Gavin McInnes was on NewsMax TV’s Chris Salcedo’s show to respond to Joe Biden calling The Proud Boys ”white supremacists.” 

‘Proud Boys’ founder is angry, says he’s suing Biden, CNN

Gavin McInnes, founder of the ‘Proud Boys’ group, comments exclusively on his reaction to the first Presidential Debate, his group being name-dropped by Demo…

The show’s host Chris Salcedo quickly pointed out that The Proud Boys not only have members of all races but the current leader of the group – Enrique Tarrio – is actually Spanish.

Salcedo: “Can you respond to Beijing Biden, Chris Wallace and the rest of the basket of bias press that are calling blacks, whites and browns racists in Proud Boys?”

McInnes: ”Yeah I can respond, I’m suing them! I’m suing Joe Biden, I’m suing CNN, all of these reporters that call this multi-racial patriotic group white supremacists and nazis.”

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