CNN heckled by “FAKE NEWS!” chants outside Supreme Court1 minute read

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CNN reporter Ariane de Vogue was reporting live outside of the Supreme Courthouse to talk about the President’s newest Supreme Court nomination Judge Amy Coney Barrett.

Well, things didn’t quite go as planned. The crowd on hand I assume were Trump supporters, so naturally they dislike CNN. And they aren’t afraid to say it.

When Ariane starts to talk, the crowd goes crazy and starts yelling “YOU’RE FAKE NEWS!”, “CNN IS FAKE NEWS!” etc.

The crowd was so loud that CNN producers had to cut the feed and go onto something else.

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OMG CNN’s live shot for reporter Ariane de Vogue from the Supreme Court was CRASHED by people heckling her and shouting, “CNN is fake news! Yes! Fake news, CNN! Fake news! You’re fake! CNN is fake news. Fake news! Fake news, CNN!

Ariane de Vogue was clearly flustered and pissed off at the situation.

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