Melania Trump’s “FLOTUS” wooden statue unveiled after restoration from being burned1 minute read

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Slovenia, the birthplace of our glorious First Lady – Melania Trump. They are so proud to see Melania as The United States of America’s First Lady, and they created a beautiful wooden hand-carved statue to honor her.

But sadly, in the world we live in now, some people have no respect at all.

In July of this year, some arsonists set fire to the wooden statue during the 4th of July weekend. For no apparent reason from what I gather.

The statue was completely destroyed.

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Statue of Melania Trump torched in her native Slovenia

Thankfully the artist took it back and worked their magic. The big reveal happened this week, in case you missed it.

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A new bronze statue of first lady Melania Trump was unveiled in Slovenia this week, after a wooden version of the memorial was burned in July.

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