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As of August 26th, 164,280 people have died from COVID-19. This is coded as “All Deaths involving COVID-19 (U07.1)1“. Meaning there were other factors involved that caused these deaths.

A very interesting caveat at the bottom of the numbers in fine print states: “Deaths with confirmed or presumed COVID-19, coded to ICD–10 code U07.1

That one word “presumed” included in the above statement means everything. It means those who had COVID-19 symptoms but did not actually test positive are added to the overall death toll.

Furthermore, out of the 164,280 overall deaths, 150,737 of them were of people 55 years of age or older. This means over 91% of the COVID-19 death toll is 55 or older.

New York Governor Andrew Cuomo deserves much of the blame for the high number of deaths of those 55 or older due to his moronic decision to force nursing homes to accept patients back with confirmed or presumptive COVID cases into their facilities. That’s not a very good quarantine method for the most vulnerable group.

So who knows what the accurate count is. I feel the CDC loads these statistics up with so much crap; it makes it hard to be able to read and fully understand. It’s one of those: “I know its confusing, so let us tell you what all this means.” Why is the CDC being so deceptive? Which is the last thing you’d ever want to hear from your government.

So folks, let’s just take a deep breathe here. Focus on the numbers and not the narrative. It’s a modified flu where only 6% of people have died from COVID alone. That’s pretty damn low in my opinion. The Democrats are, of course, trying to ruin our President’s excellent economy by fear-mongering and fanning the flames that the President is poorly running the COVID response. Wake up!

Let me just say this before wrapping it up, and yes, it’s so Cliché; but if even just one American dies due to COVID-19 (alone) it’s too much. But we are closing our historic economy at it’s peak for a 6% death rate?

Let’s not forgot how much damage is done to families when the economy is shut down. Over 100,000 small businesses have closed down not even due to just COVID but also because some of the stupid rules and regulations Congress and state level government have put in place. Such as mandatory face masks. Here in Florida, if I go into a store that has a sign listed on the door that says “everyone must wear a mask inside” and decided to exercise my freedoms and enter without a mask… That store can be sued by the others in the store who have a mask on and feel “unsafe”.

And there are many more of the same “anti-small business” bogus rules and regulations. That are killing our economy. It’s time to wake up and get our normal life’s back. Wear a mask if you’d like, wash your hands frequently, attempt to stay 6 feet apart from others if possible and stay home if you feel COVID-19 symptoms. Everything else is overkill.

A deeper look into the COVID-19 numbers paint very different story

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