Ben Shapiro completely unloads on Kamala Harris1 minute read

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Ben Shapiro Reveals THE TRUTH About Kamala Harris

Here’s THE TRUTH about Kamala Harris that the media won’t tell you…

Daily Wire editor in chief Ben Shapiro completely unloaded on Biden’s choice for VP Kamala Harris in his show yesterday.

Kamala Harris, that is Joe Biden’s pick for Vice President because apparently, he was still in some sort of induced coma when he decided to make this pick.

I do not see the logic, it makes no sense to me. She is a radical; she is extraordinarily incompetent. She opens so many avenues of attack for the Trump campaign; they must just be salivating at this point.

Shapiro then continued by going down a long list of some of Harris’ most radical stances and a list of some of the completely asinine things she has said. Here are just a few of the points he made.

“There is a lot of dirt on this lady. Ok, a lot of dirt on her.”

  • She said that she could ban assault weapons by executive order in an open debate.
  • She said that we should decriminalize border crossings.
  • This is lady who tweeted back in April of 2017: ‘an undocumented immigrant is not a criminal’.
  • Is she a radical? You bet your ass she’s a radical. Here is Kamala Harris comparing ICE to the KKK.
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