ICU Nurse pleads with people to take COVID-19 serious in dramatic video1 minute read

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A Michigan Nurse in the intensive care unit made a video after doing a 13-hour shift where she treated two patients who have the Coronavirus. Both patients were on ventilators.

The young lady – while fighting back tears – explained that this is her first shift since her unit was transformed into a second COVID-19 intensive care unit in her hospital and described it as a “war zone”.

Memelord on Twitter

This is an ICU Nurse in Southeast, MI after working 13 hrs treating 2 critically ill [#Coronavirus] patients on the vent by herself. ‘It honestly felt like I was working in a war zone…I’m already breaking so people please take this seriously'” Video via

She ends the video by pleading with people to take the virus serious.

“For f*cksake people please take this seriously.”

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