Illegals can get tested for COVID-19 without fear of deportation says Trump2 minute read

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THIS IS WAR: President Trump FULL Sunday White House Briefing

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During Sunday’s Coronavirus press update, President Trump and Vice President Mike Pence made it clear to those who are in America illegally that they can come forward to get tested for the Coronavirus without fear of being detained or deported by CBP.

VP Pence – who is heading up the Coronavirus task force – reassured everyone of the new policy:

Customs and Border Protection actually issued guidance that absent of certain circumstances the Customs and Border Protection does not target emergency rooms or health clinics.

Vice President Pence went on to instruct people with questions to go to the CBP website:

“And I would refer you to the website. They issued a very clear statement making it clear to any person that is in need of a test or medical care that Customs and Border Protection is not focusing on emergency rooms or the health clinics or the drive through clinics.

A reporter asked a follow up question: “so they could come in without a fear of…” President Trump stepped up to the podium and answered the unfinished question:

“Yes. And if that’s not the policy I’ll make it the policy…” he continued “yes we will test that person. Because I think it’s important to test that person. Because we don’t want to send that person to wherever we’re going to send [them] whether it’s another country or someplace else.”

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