Formerly infected woman recounts how Coronavirus feels1 minute read

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A patient that recovered from coronavirus has told of how she battled the illness and what it feels like when at the most dangerous stage.

Julie, from Singapore, showed flu-like symptoms with a fever of 38.5C on February 3 so she took two Panadols before taking a rest.

“I just felt a bit tired and remember sleeping the whole day,” she told BBC 5 Live.

“And then after that, the fever went and the rest of the week I was well. I didn’t even have a sniffle or a cough.”

But five days later, she was told by the doctor that she had tested positive for coronavirus.

She was taken to a hospital for quarantine and stayed in the ward by herself, which she described as “four walls with a door”.

She added: “I got my food through a secure hatch, my medication, my change of clothing, my towel.

“You may have a phone, you can text someone, you may have a video call.” Continue reading

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