President Trump says even bigger tax cut could be coming after 20202 minute read

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Interview 1: President Donald J. Trump. The Dan Bongino Show 11/15/2019.

For show notes, visit In this episode, I interview President Donald J. Trump. We cover the impeachment, the economy, election 2020, and more. Please subscribe to the podcast at: iTunes: Soundcloud: Android: Find Dan on: Facebook @dan.bongino Twitter @dbongino Instagram @dbongino or email us at

Conservative political commentator and author Dan Bongino was able to get President Trump on his podcast yesterday for an exclusive interview. During the interview Bongino was able to ask the President some very good questions. One of those questions was about the possibility of another large tax cut in the future.

“Middle income growth has surged, far surpassed Obama – the data is clear. GDP growth has far surpassed Obama. Medium middle income is up $5,000 in just 3 years of your presidency,” Bongino explains. “It was only up $1,000 after eight years of Obama and the failed recovery. So my question is this, given 2020 is just around the corner. Is there another tax cut in the offing, are we looking at that?”

“If we get back the house, we’re going to do a very big middle income – we’ve already done one we passed the largest tax cut in the history of the country, bigger than Ronald Reagan’s tax cut.” The President went on to say, “But if we get back the House, we have to have the house otherwise you can’t get anything through Pelosi, for one thing she doesn’t work, she doesn’t do anything.”

All 435 seats in the House will be up for re-election in 2020. Republicans need to win 18 seats to take back the majority in the House.

There are 34 seats that will be up for grabs in the Senate. The Republicans will have to defend 22 seats to the Democrats 12. If the GOP loses 3 seats they lose control of the Senate.

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