Trump out-raises Joe Biden almost 2-11 minute read

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So far for the 2019 year President Trump has raised $43,814,715.72 compared to Democrat front runner Joe Biden’s $22,013,424.26.

Biden’s campaign contributions do not reflect his polling numbers. He currently has a lead on he fellow Democrats of +22 in some polls. But yet, candidates like Pete Buttigieg ($32 million), Elizabeth Warren ($25 million) and Kamala Harris ($23 million) are all lower in the polls but have raised a lot more money.

Below are all of the earning reports for the candidates.

Bernie Sanders
Pete Buttigieg
Andrew Yang
Donald Trump
Robert O’Rourke
Michael Bennet
John Delaney
Elizabeth Warren
Julian Castro
Tulsi Gabbard
Cory Booker
Joe Biden
Amy Klobuchar
Kamala Harris
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