Mini AOC forced to retire due to death threats from the left1 minute read

Will AOC condemn?

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I’m sure you’ve seen the little girl who does videos posing as NY Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez. Her videos highlighted just how low AOC’s IQ actually is. They were all comedic pieces. They were always respectful, no cursing or mocking per-say.

Apparently, the lefties are so sensitive that they can’t even take a joke from a little girl. Her age is kept private.

Mini AOC was extremely popular and made many people laugh with her spot on impersonation.

But sadly, she has to stop doing her videos. She is retiring in a sense, I guess you could say. A Twitter account that is affiliated with Mini AOC (not sure if it’s her mom or not) tweeted today that Mini AOC will not be making any more content due to the amount of harassment and threats their family has been getting.

SickenTirade on Twitter

Ava will not being doing any more MINI AOC content. The Left’s Harassment and death threats have gone too far for our family. We have been getting calls on our personal phone numbers. For our safety and for our child’s safety, we deleted all Mini AOC accounts.

This is unbelievable! A little girl doing a video impersonation of Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez – a public figure – has got the left so shook up to the point they threaten her and the whole family.

Will @AOC condemn these threats?

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