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I was lucky enough to get an exclusive interview with Pro Angler and Guide Joey Nania.

Joey talks to us about the industry, how he got started, and what matters the most, and that’s family time.

Joey’s links are listed at the bottom of the article if you are interested in doing some fishing tours.

Joey Nania

Cohost of Sweetwater Fishing TV, Fishing Guide/Teacher, BASS Opens Series Professional Angler

At what age did you start fishing?

Answer: I started fishing tournaments at age 12 in the Inland Empire Bass Club in Spokane Washington! At Age 14 I won the 2005 Junior Bassmaster World Championship in Pennsylvania and ever since then I knew I was going to fish for a living!


Who was your biggest influence that got you into fishing?

Answer: My dad Joel Nania has always been the biggest influence to me as far as taking me fishing and supporting my fishing, love/passion/addiction goes! He got me started young and also did incredible things that gave me the opportunity to fish at a high level through Junior Events and then the Bassmaster Opens, even though I lived in Washington State which is away from the heart of the industry!


The 33 tournaments you fished in, which one was your favorite?

Answer: My favorite professional tournament would probably be the Arkansas River in Muskogee Oklahoma where I finished 5th in the Bassmaster Open! Shallow flipping and throwing a buzz bait is always fun! I even lost a 5 plus which stunk but catching 2 3’s in a row right after made it all a little less painful!


What is your go-to lure?

Answer: I truly honestly don’t have a favorite lure! I fish in so many different ways on so many different lakes and I make all of my decisions based on the time of year and daily conditions!


What is your favorite fish to catch?

Answer: I believe bass are by far the best species of fish ever because of the fact that so many bass on the same lake live different lifestyles! One bass loves shallow one is born and raised and stays in a certain creek and one is a main lake fish that only sees shallow water for 3 days when they spawn! They are truly incredible!


What is your top brand for rod and reel?

Answer: My go to is and has almost always been TFO Rods! The Pacemaker Series are top notch! As far as reels go the Bass Pro Shops Johnny Morris Signature Series casting and spinning are awesome!


How big was your biggest bass?

Answer: My biggest bass was a 10.03 on a big worm!


What do you do after a bad day out on the water?

Answer: I spend time with my family! Honestly talking it all out with my wife Jessica Nania is great therapy!


What do you do when you are not fishing?

Answer: I play a lot of basketball but honestly I fish for a living and I fish for fun! You know you’re blessed when you do the same thing at work that you do on vacation!

Joey Nania


Co Host of Sweetwater TV, Professional Bass Angler, Fishing guide/teacher, 2005 & 2008 Junior Bassmaster World Champion


Career Highlights

  • 5 Time Jr. World Champ
  • Competitor BASS and FLW
  • 2nd & 3rd Place in the Adults Washington State Jamboree with 175+ Anglers
  • 2011 Ranked 19th in the Professional Anglers Association (PAA)
  • 2011 5th place Bassmaster Central Opens Pro
  • 2009 Junior Male Athlete of the Year (first angler to be nominated)
  • 2005 & 2008 Junior Bassmaster World Champ
  • 5 Time Nania Family Musky King!


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