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The Bite Report

weekly fishing report


Welcome to the Bite Report,  on here every  Friday we will put out a weekly report on what is biting in the lakes and rivers and bays. We will cove from different types of lures to different casting techniques to get you hooked up with that monster you have been chasing.



This week I want to cover the action that is happening on the lakes.

Now that the weather is warming up and so is the water the bass are starting to become more active and are starting to hit on most lures that are presented to them.

The Bass have been hitting on my Favorite lure which is by the Brand YUM, The Yum Dingers 5′ to 6 inches and a couple of colors which are: Green pumpkin chartreuse,  Pearl Silver Flake, and Bumblebee swirl. Try using these with a 4/0 wide gap hook and 10lb test with braided line. The key is to land a big bass with this lure is the presentation, When you cast out as let the lure sink for a few seconds the twitch your wrist to make the worm dance and then slowly retrieve it back and I guarantee you will get a nice hook up on a good Ol’ bass.

You can find these Yum Baits at your Local Walmart for roughly 1.97 to 2.89 with 10 in the pack.

Next is another soft bait lure that I only get at Bass Pro Shop, it is their tournament series brand stick O worm roughly about 5iches and they also range in an assortment of colors. My all-time favorite color that drives the bass crazy is Baby bass and Pepper Frog. I use the same setup and presentation as the Yum Dingers.

Next time you are online or at Bass Pro Shop pick up the Tournament Series soft lures, you will not be disappointed. 


The last Lure for the week is also from Bass Pro Shop, it is Their Tournament Series Popper and they also come in a vast assortment of colors. The Main ones I have been using is Chrome/Black, Perch, Frog, and Ghost Spook. With these guys I make a nice cast near some debris or under a canopy or even near the bank and use what we call the walk the dog method and a use a nice and steady retrieve and with that most of the time you will see that burst of water come up underneath your popper and the fight will be on.

I want everybody to remember one thing every lake has its own tendencies, so try many lures and different approaches to see what best fits you.

So From one fisherman to another, I wish you luck and safe fishing.

That Is the weekly Bite Report. Please feel free to share your tips and pictures of your catches with us.

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