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Who will be the Democratic front runner for 2020?

Let's take an early look!

In this article we will be looking at the current Democratic candidates who have officially announced their campaign for the 2020 Presidential election.

Note: I am only included candidates that have OFFICIALLY announced their campaign. For example, Joe Biden is not on the list because he has not officially announced his campaign. Also, we are only examining the candidates who have name recognition and not the candidates who have announced but who has no chance of winning the Democratic nomination.

So, this early into the announcements and campaigns, I think these candidates will be the front runners for the 2020 Democratic nomination.

Bernie Sanders

CBS This Morning on Twitter

BREAKING: Senator @BernieSanders tells @CBSNews in an exclusive interview that he will run for president. “We’re gonna win. We are gonna also launch what I think is unprecedented in modern American history and that is a grassroots movement.” https://t.co/b9l17Noxqa https://t.co/cFO0lJdQTL

Bernie Sanders, in my opinion, will win the Democratic nomination. Honestly, he won the nomination in the 2016 election. But it was stolen by Hillary Clinton and the DNC. We know that through leaked emails.

I do not think he can beat Trump. After the 2016 election people have been educating themselves on what Socialism really is. And they are seeing that it may sound good on paper, but it doesn’t work. The Medicare for all promise, would be an absolute nightmare in America. Waiting months for surgery’s, waiting weeks to even be able to see a doctor. Check out this great article that shows what Medicare for all really looks like here.

And as we all know, that is wha Sanders is running on. Health care for all, free college, among other socialist policies. With the amount of focus that Socialism has been getting – especially with the recent downfall of Venezuela – many people are now seeing just how terrible and unworkable it really is.

Kamala Harris

Kamala Harris on Twitter

I’m running for president. Let’s do this together. Join us: https://t.co/9KwgFlgZHA https://t.co/otf2ez7t1p

Harris, I think, is a real threat to the other Democratic candidates. Let’s be honest here, she black, female and she communicates very well. So, this early into the announcements and campaigns, I think these candidates will be the front runners for the 2020 Democratic nomination.

Harris doesn’t really have socialistic stances or views per say, but she has said that she wants free healthcare for all, which wouldn’t work in the USA. We’ll have to see what all of her stances will be as we get closer to the elections time (Nov 8th 20) to see what she’s really about.

Beto O’Rourke

Beto was called a “rockstar” by many of the left wing media when he broke records on how much money he raised in such a short amount of time during his 2016 Texas Senate run. He went on to lose that seat to the incumbent Senator, Ted Cruz.

He’s got a big following behind him. But let’s be honest, he couldn’t even beat Ted Cruz for the 2018 Texas Senate seat. And let’s not forget, Ted Cruz was badly beaten by Donald Trump in the 2016 Republican Primaries. So Beto thinks that he has a chance to beat the MAGA juggernaut that is President Trunp? When he couldn’t even beat Ted Cruz!

Beto O’Rourke on Twitter

I am running to serve you as the next president. The challenges we face are the greatest in living memory. No one person can meet them on their own. Only this country can do that, and only if we build a movement that includes all of us.

Honorable mentions:

Cory Booker

Cory Booker on Twitter

I’m running for president. Join me on this journey. https://t.co/fEDqOVIfwh https://t.co/h1FTPUYRzo

Cory Booker has one thing going for him, he’s black. That’s all. He has no real policies that have being put forth of any kind.

His campaign website does not have any of his policies up on there. What is he running on?

Booker is not a very good speaker, he struggles to form a good valuable sentence. I’d say he polls in at 3 percent the whole campaign season.

Elizabeth Warren

Warren is not a threat, really. After the whole DNA test debacle that she put herself through, she’s polling in the low single digits. She’s on the list because she does have name recognition.

Elizabeth Warren on Twitter

Every person in America should be able to work hard, play by the same set of rules, & take care of themselves & the people they love. That’s what I’m fighting for, & that’s why I’m launching an exploratory committee for president. I need you with me: https://t.co/BNl2I1m8OX https://t.co/uXXtp94EvY

Andrew Yang

Yang could be a dark horse in this election. He does have some good ideas with the economy. Some of those ideas might work but most of them would not.