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Shazam: Is It The DCEU’s Best Movie Yet?

I can happily say that Shazam is now my favorite DCEU film. It is a fun, hilarious journey that will leave you laughing even when it’s over. The film had a $53.5 million dollar opening and awesome reviews all around.

The film is about Billy Batson, who is an abandoned child who has run away from each foster home he has lived at. But at his latest, he finds an unlikely friendship with Freddy, a kid who is obsessed with superheroes. Billy himself is selected by the Wizard Shazam to be his new champion and is given the powers to become a superhero by speaking the wizard’s name. The two start a hilarious adventure, testing out Billy’s new powers and learning what it means to be a hero and part of a family.

The entire cast was great. Both Asher Angel and Zachery Levi play Billy and it was hilarious. Levi playing Billy in his adult form with Angel’s attitude was excellent. They truly embodied the same character. Jack Dylan Grazer plays Freddy and does an excellent job as Billy’s foil. He is everything Billy is not and through the film helps Billy become the hero he should be. The Levi. Angel, and Grazer have excellent chemistry and are the best part of the film.

Dr. Thaddeus Sivana is played by the always excellent Mark Strong who is a superb villain. For a light-hearted film, Sivana is a dark villain who kills without discretion. There is one scene that almost felt like a horror movie and felt a bit out of place, but other than that he has some comedic moments when interacting with Shazam.

When Shazam and Sivana clash, it is a spectacle! The action is great and takes breaks to provide comic relief, keeping the not so serious tone of the movie. But the main draw of the film isn’t its action. It is the funny moments, like Billy and Freddy testing out Shazam’s powers. This movie would have felt like any other dark broody DC movie if not for the lightheartedness. It lives in the darker DC universe, with Batman and Superman, and feels like it full embodies the universe. But the film is told from the focus of a fourteen-year-old boy, so maybe that’s why its not so dark.

Shazam, is the must-see superhero movie, currently. It may not be Marvel, but it is now one of my favorites. If you’re down for a good, fun movie, go see Shazam!