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Jesse Lee Peterson speaks at Republican Woman of San Francisco Federated

That’s amazin’!

Conservative radio host and Reverend Jesse Lee Peterson was invited to speak at a Republican Woman of San Francisco Federated event this past week. He brought his usual raw and unfiltered personality that he’s known for and spoke about the truth that needs to be talked about more often.

In his speech, he talks about how we’re in a battle for our country and how we need to restore the man, the family and the order of Christ. He also talks about how he left the Democratic party to become a Conservative Republican.

His most controversial topic he not only speaks about often but also touches on in his speech, is issues inside the black community. He exposes the so-called “black leaders” like Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton and the hateful Louis Farrakhan.

I’ve followed JLP for quite some time. I donate to his nonprofit organization – ‘BOND’: The Brotherhood Organization of a New Destiny – when I can and even listen to his radio show basically every weekday morning. Despite the constant attack from the radical left, I’ve found a lot of guidance and truth from Jesse as have others. He isn’t afraid to speak the truth and tell it like it is. We need more of that in today’s society.


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Jesse Lee Peterson

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