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Co-founder of RealNSE needs your help – Help his wife beat cancer [GoFundMe]

Please consider donating.

Our co-founder Roll has been away for some time so he can care for his Wife, Christine. She has breast cancer. Below is the GoFundMe account that was started to help with the medical bills. Please donate, if you can’t, please share!


I’m supporting this fundraiser, please have a look – ‘Christine’s Battle against CANCER’. Any donation amount truly helps!

Click here to support Christine’s Battle against CANCER organized by Christine Sierra

Update#2: Happy New Year to all. I just wanted to give you another update on my progress. On 1/18/2019 I had my last chemo treatment and now await for my double mastectomy/reconstruction surgery that is scheduled 02/19/2019. As you can imagine all the medical bills are beginning to come in an…