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Why is Vince McMahon bringing back the XFL? Will it work?

All you need to know about #XFL2020

A major press conference was held earlier in regards to the official launch of the XFL. This is more of a return of sorts as the XFL originally was founded in 1999 and had their final season in 2001. Vince McMahon actually spoke for a few words today at the presser.

Here are some takeaways from the press conference.

  • Metlife is hosting Wrestlemania April of 2019 and hosting the season opener for the XFL in 2020.
  • No criminal records allowed.
  • All players will stand for the National Anthem.
  • 30 cities have shown interest in having an XFL team there.
  • They will test for PED.
  • Exceptional players can earn more than $200,000.
  • Will have the normal 11 vs. 11 on the field.
  • Will be played on 100 yard fields.
  • Four downs on each try.
  • The games will be on in the Spring. So we’d have football basically year round since the NFL’s off-season is in the Spring.
  • Head coaches will also act as the team’s General Manager.
  • Vince is putting a reported 5 million dollars into re-launching the XFL.
  • The XFL teams will be sharing stadiums with various other sports teams including; University of Houston’s TDECU Stadium, Stubhub Stadium (LA), Metlife Stadium (NY), Raymond James Stadium (Tampa Bay) among others.

They have some old NFL players and coaches advising them. Those include: Doug Flutie (Legendary NFL & CFL Quaterback), John Fox (Superbowl winning head coach), Jim Caldwell (Former Colts & Lions head coach) and Donna Orender (President of the WNBA).

But why is Vince giving football another try?

Here’s where I give you my theory on this. Due to the huge ratings drop in the NFL – mainly due to the politicization and all of the unnecessary rules – Vince thinks it’s time to strike while the need for better football is there.

Also, due to Vince’s age – 73 – he wants to try to leave a massive legacy to his children and their children. The WWE is massive and probably always will be. But Vince has never been a man who is happy with only one successful business. We know that from his past companies such as XFL, WBP & ICOPRO. He’s also not the type of man to just give up on something after failing. I think due to his age, him wanting to add to his legacy and being something more than wrestling combined with the recent steady decline of NFL ratings and popularity, the time is right.

Why did the XFL in the first place? Here is a fantastic documentary on it.

You can learn more about the XFL’s return by visiting their official website.