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Oscar De La Hoya wants to box Dana White

Says Dana White is on “juice”.

Former boxer Oscar De La Hoya and UFC President Dana White have been at each others throats since Oscar started Golden Boy MMA. Oscar started that promotion due to what he says is unfair treatment of UFC fighters. Ever since that first Golden Boy MMA event – on November 24th – Oscar and Dana have been throwing verbal jabs. Dana White has even called De La Hoya a “coke head”. At this point it’s been only words.

Now, it appears it may turn into an actual fight/match. Both promoters took to various sporting news outlets today. Dana White was on various ESPN shows today including “First Take”. Dana absolutely destroyed De La Hoya and his claims that the UFC doesn’t take care of their fighters and calling Oscar a ”liar” and that he ”doesn’t like facts”.

Dana also called out Oscar to an actual face to face debate to compare numbers.


Oscar De La Hoya took to the Luke Thomas show on Sirius XM later that day and took it a step further challenging Dana to a 3-round boxing match.

Obviously, this won’t happen. But it’s certainly very entertaining. It appeared that Oscar was going to throw in the towel on Golden Boy MMA due to its reportedly low pay per view buys on the first event. But it seems now with all the trash talking he’ll be putting on another event. But this time a bit different.

Dana White also said the UFC is ”absolutely” getting into the boxing business and that he can do boxing promotion may better than Oscar.