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Jesse Ventura running for president in 2020?

Says he'd easily beat Trump.

It’s almost 2019. Which means almost time for another presidential election – believe it or not. Which also means that everyone is “considering” a presidential run. One of those people is former Minnesota Governor, WWE hall of fame inductee and former Navy Seal Jesse Ventura.

This isn’t anything new. Before the 2016 presidential election, he toyed with the idea for running with Howard Stern as his Vice President. Many thought this was a joke. But while on The Jimmy Dore Show, Jesse said he was serious. Also stating that he chose Stern as his VP as his huge platform on Sirius XM would be perfect for campaign promotion. Although he never official announced his candidacy, he decided not to run for a reason he did not publicly disclose.

A few weeks ago TMZ caught up with Ventura in an airport. The reporter asked Ventura a number of questions – ranging from returning to Wrestlemania to running in 2020.

Ventura says he sees a large grassroots movement by the people who want him to run for president, stating half of the emails he receives on his RT show ”The World According to Jesse” are from people asking him to run.

If he did run, he certainly would not be running as either of the two major political parties, but rather as a Libertarian or a member of The Green Party. He stated that The Green Party has already shown interest in having him run as their nominee.

I’m not sure if Ventura would win if he ran, honestly. He’s pretty all over the place with his political views. Personally, I agree with probably 85% of what he says. He was a great governor. I think he’d be better off running for the Minnesota Senate. Despite having a low approval rating near the end of his governorship, I think he’d be more successful if he ran a state campaign.