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Bad Blood Review – A must watch Mafia show

It’s been quite some time since there’s been a show based on the mafia – let alone a good one. Well, we finally got one with this Citytv original show. Here is my Bad Blood review with no spoilers!

What is Bad Blood about?

Bad Blood follows the Rizzuto Canadian-based Mafia family. The story is told from Declan Gardiner’s perspective. Declan is Vito Rizzuto’s (Boss of the family) right-hand man. Declan does the families dirty work including cleaning up after everyone’s screw-ups. This six-episode show tells a story with their 45-minute episodes. That story focuses on just how hard it is for a Mafia family to become “legitimate” while trying to keep the peace among all the other gangs. Vito wants the family to go legitimate, and they’re on the way to being so. And then – as Declan says in the show – shit hits the fan.

What I like about Bad Blood.

  1. Sons of Anarchy’s “Tig” is back on the small screen! You gotta love Kim Coates. He’s the type of actor that can do virtually every role. In this show, however, he plays a character very similar to his character ”Tig” on the Sons of Anarchy. But minus the hidden homosexual undertone.
  2. It’s (loosely) based on a true Mafia family story: I had never even heard of the Rizzuto family let alone knowing there was a big mafia presence in Canada. And I know quite a bit about La Cosa Nostra. Probably a little bit too much… I had also never heard of this show. I was scrolling through Netflix on Sunday night and noticed it. After watching the trailer, I was all in. I couldn’t click play quick enough.
  3. It’s not your average Mob show. You know what I’m talking about; always set in the 60s or 70s, the actors try too hard with the accents and it’s ALWAYS based in New York. Those have been the Mob movies/shows we’ve come to expect. But ’Bad Blood’ is much more sophisticated than that. This not like many other mob movies.
  4. All the actors do their parts perfectly! You believe what they’re saying, and you believe Anthony LaPaglia really is Vito Rizzuto – a cold-blooded killer. The head of a mafia family. One of the biggest issues with mob movies is that the actors try way too hard to be a “tough guy”. None of the actors had that issue. LaPaglia did a fantastic job.
  5. An easy storyline to follow: The story is quite simple. The whole six episodes are basically Declan pretty much running things. The goal of Vito is to take all the families businesses into legitimate companies. To have everything above board.

What I didn’t like about Bad Blood.

  1. There are only six episodes. And the episodes are only 45 minutes long. So you can really run through it all quite easily in one sitting. I know season 2 is currently on Citytv. But I haven’t watched any of the new season yet. I will be doing another review for Bad Blood Season 2 sometime this week. Sign up for notifications so you don’t miss it!
  2. Starts a bit slow. While entertaining, the first episode does start off somewhat slow. You start to wonder what exactly the plot is. The opening scene tells you that the family was on top of the drug world and controlled all the ports. Also stating just how good and peaceful everything is. Over time, however, it starts to form a plot and you really start to get drawn in as things begin to turn south.
  3. The son – Nico Jr – I thought was a weak character. I think they could have gotten someone else to play that role. I didn’t care for Brett Donahue’s portrayal of the character.
  4. I feel they didn’t explain who each of the people are. For example, half of the show I didn’t quite know exactly what the character “Bruno” does for a living or his specific role in the family.

My final thoughts

I think they did a fantastic job on the show. The writers and directors did a great job in depicting a mafia story without overdoing it. I do wish it was more than six episodes for the first season. However, I’m happy to see its in its second season right now. I’m excited to start the new season. I highly recommend this show – especially for people who like mafia flicks. My overall rating is a 7 out of 10.