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Who will be our next Attorney General?

Will we get an AG that won't be MIA?

With a vacant Attorney General position after Jeff Sessions was essentially fired by President Trump, it leaves us to wonder who our next AG will be. President Trump is in a very good spot to have virtually anyone confirmed with the now even larger Republican majority in the Senate.

I lost hope in Jeff Sessions quite some time ago due to various reasons. You can view those reasons here and here.

RealNSE.com on Twitter

Jeff Sessions is gone. Maybe we’ll finally get an Attorney General who isn’t asleep at the wheel.

Pam Bondi

Currently serving as the Attorney General for Florida, Pam Bondi has been very supportive of President Trump since early on in his campaign. Bondi has served out her two-term limit, therefore will be out of office in January of 2019.

Opinion: Something tells me that Bondi is strongly being considered for the AG position. Everything fits too perfectly. She is coming out of office and very well liked across the board, she’s a strong Conservative who has views that mirror the Presidents. She recently visited The White House as well.


Ted Cruz

Senator Cruz just won re-election in a somewhat tight race in Texas against Robert “Beto” O’Rourke. Most likely, he is not being considered or even interested in being Attorney General. Despite this, political commentator Dan Bongino said on ‘Tucker Carlson Tonight’ on Friday that he would love to see Ted Cruz as our next AG.

“Let me throw something out there some of the audience may jump back. I would love to see Ted Cruz,” Bongino said. “You get a double whammy out of this. You get a solid constitutional conservative who will never fault, this guy is principled. We know it, we love him.”

Opinion: As much as I love Ted Cruz and think he would make an amazing AG, this is highly unlikely. Again, Cruz just won re-election. Why would he leave his Senate seat he just got done fighting for – to become Attorney General? The President knew he was going to fire Jeff Sessions right after the mid-term elections, if he wanted Cruz, he would have come to him way before and let him know. In that case, Cruz would have not sought re-election.


Chris Christie

Kelly O’Donnell on Twitter

Former New Jersey governor @GovChristie is at the White House today for a meeting on prison reform invited along with other former US Attorneys. Sources tell me @realDonaldTrump and Christie “each know where they stand”on vacancy at Justice but “Lord knows what will happen next.


Former Governor of New Jersey and chairmen of the Opioid and Drug Abuse Commission in 2017, Chris Christie reportedly is on the list of possible replacements for AG. Christie was a long-time federal prosecutor.

Opinion: I’ve always got the feeling that Trump isn’t the biggest fan of Christie. He is the opposite of Trump. Christie is soft-spoken, often waivers in his views and even was a non-supporter of Trump at one time. So this is unlikely.


Matthew Whitaker

Whitaker is the current interim Attorney General. He worked under the leadership of Sessions at the DOJ. I wasn’t familiar with Whitaker prior to this appointment. However, just doing some research over the past few days, he does seem to be a pretty strong Conservative. He has made comments in the past that he would indict Hillary Clinton and called the Russia investigation a “which-hunt”.

Opinion: On the surface, he seems to be exactly what President Trump likes. Because he is in the acting AG role, I would not be surprised if the President just nominates Whitaker to become the full-time Attorney General.

Donald J. Trump on Twitter

Matthew G. Whitaker is a highly respected former U.S. Attorney from Iowa. He was chosen by Jeff Sessions to be his Chief of Staff. I did not know Mr. Whitaker. Likewise, as Chief, I did not know Mr. Whitaker except primarily as he traveled with A.G. Sessions. No social contact…

Donald J. Trump on Twitter

Mr. Whitaker is very highly thought of by @SenJoniErnst, Senator @ChuckGrassley, Ambassador @TerryBranstad, Leonard Leo of Federalist Society, and many more. I feel certain he will make an outstanding Acting Attorney General!

Other rumored candidates that are very unlikely:

Lindsey Graham: Graham is killing it in the Senate and will likely become the Chairman of the Senate Judiciary Committee soon.

Rudy Giuliani: I don’t even think this is possible since Giuliani is currently one of President Trump’s lawyers.

Trey Gowdy: I wish this would happen. Trey Gowdy is an absolute political stallion. His views line up with mine almost 100% of the time. He’s a Constitutionalist and Conservative. Unfortunately, this won’t happen. Trey Gowdy announced his retirement from politics earlier this year and even said very clearly; he is not interested in the position.