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What’s next for Golden Boy MMA? Success or Bust?

Oscar De La Hoya actually did it. He put together a mixed martial arts PPV. But, was it a success or bust?

The event reportedly only pulled in under 8,000 people in live attendance. The pay per view numbers have still not been released. Main event fighter Tito Ortiz has said that the PPV had over 200,000 buys.

The main event was the trilogy fight between Tito Ortiz and Chuck Liddell. The first two fights between the two, Liddell came out the victor both times. Ortiz, has said this is the only fight he wanted. And this was his last fight. This was Liddell’s first fight since being knocked out by Rich Franklin UFC 115 in 2010. Ortiz on the other hand, just fought Chael Sonnen at Bellator 170 earlier this year where he won by rear naked choke.

After the event ended Ortiz and Liddell did a short press conference and Q&A. A reporter asked Liddell “what’s next?” Liddell did not count out another fight.

During Ortiz’s press conference he did say this was his last fight. While sounding optimistic about a future with Golden Boy MMA, Tito said he’d love to stick around with the promotion and even said if Chuck wants to continue to fight; “let’s find him an opponent”. The fact that he said “we” leads me to believe that Ortiz and Oscar De La Hoya have already made some arrangement for him to work for Golden Boy.

Tito Ortiz says he does want to stay with Golden Boy MMA in a behind the scenes role. Meaning he would be almost like a talent scouter and middleman to the fighters. I think Tito would do great in this type of role taking into account that he is a 21-year veteran and a well-respected amongst other fighters. Oscar De La Hoya stated before the event that it would depend on how well the pay per view sold if he would be staying in the MMA game. Now he is telling MMA fighters to give him a call. So it seems we will see more events from Golden Boy MMA. I think this is great for consumers and the sport of Mixed Martial Arts not to mention the fighters.


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