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The United States should not be policing Saudi Arbia over Khashoggi killing


President Trump was in front of media cameras on Tuesday – before getting on the helicopter heading to Florida – he announced that the United States will not be cutting ties or making any changes with Saudi Arabia. This stunned the news and many on the left. They’re upset because the CIA reports they believe that Saudi Prince: Mohammad bin Salman ordered the murder of political commentator Jamal Khashoggi and President Trump is “defying” the CIA’s findings.

But do they really understand all the consequences that would come from cutting ties with Saudi Arabia? Well, clearly they do not. If they knew that our gas prices would probably double, they wouldn’t want to cut ties. Or that all of the money and jobs we get from SA would be gone? Saudi Arabia has been a long time ally with the United States. And I believe President Trump is right to not punish another country for something they did on their own soil.

American should not be policing other countries. We should be worrying about America first and foremost. What other countries do is their own business as long as it does not affect American lives.

Listen, I get it. Mr. Khashoggi’s death is a very disturbing and horrific event. And I feel so deeply for his Fiancé. She will be in my prayers. But we have to take the feelings out of it. It’s hard, but we’re unable put America’s best interest first when we’re being controlled by our feelings.

Let’s look at some of the facts:

  • The murder allegedly happened in Saudi Arabia. Not on US soil.
  • We have no actual evidence that he was even murdered.
  • The CIA reported that Khashoggi was murdered at the order of Mohammad bin Salman. But they cannot confirm it.
  • Jamal Khashoggi was not a US citizen.

What is best for America and Americans?

I highly recommend reading the President’s statement on this issue here.

But this is an excerpt from that statement:

The crime against Jamal Khashoggi was a terrible one, and one that our country does not condone. Indeed, we have taken strong action against those already known to have participated in the murder. After great independent research, we now know many details of this horrible crime. We have already sanctioned 17 Saudis known to have been involved in the murder of Mr. Khashoggi, and the disposal of his body.

Now, of course, like most of the decisions in Washington, they can be undone in Congress. I would not be surprised if members of Congress – possibly even including Republicans like Rand Paul – write-up some legislation that blocks all deals with Saudi Arabi.

What’s best for America is anything that helps Americans. Higher gas prices, higher taxes, and America losing hundreds of thousands of jobs and Billions in trade deals are not in the best interest of America.