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Dana White: Jones vs Cormier 3 “inevitable”

No trilogy!

Dana White had an impromptu interview after the 232 press conference with Jon Jones and Alexandra Gustafsson when asked about the possibility of a Jones vs Comier trilogy fight

Reporter: “do you think we’ve seen the end of this rivalry
Dana: “No, they hate each other so bad. — its inevitable that it has to happen again”.

So what does this mean?

Daniel Cormier has set a date for retirement. The date for his retirement is set to March 20th of next year. The Brock fight would most likely come in late January. When Brock’s suspension is up.  Jon Dodd’s

Then the trilogy?

Does anyone really want to see these guys go another round? I’m kind of over it to be honest. I don’t think the trilogy fight is a good idea. I’d rather see DC against Brock for a loser retires match lol. No, but I don’t think they should do the trilogy. Jones has already expressed that he is not interested in a third match with DC. However, DC has expressed some interest.