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A full in-depth breakdown of what’s next for Daniel Cormier

What’s next for the G.O.A.T. ??

There’s no doubt now that Daniel Cormier is the true GOAT (greatest of all time). Not only is he the double-champ – holding the light heavyweight and heavyweight belt – but now he has also defended BOTH of those titles, making him the first fighter in UFC history to do so. Congratulations to him. He seems like such a down to earth guy and a true champion.

Now, where does he go from here? Normally, it would be on to the next one. Continue to defend the belt(s). But in this case, it’s a little different and takes some guessing. Guessing is always fun, so let’s do it!

So the word now is that Cormier will face a returning Brock Lesnar sometime is late January for the heavyweight belt. That is the soonest Lesnar can fight in the UFC due to a USADA suspension some time ago. Some fans want to see DC take on a steroid and drug-free Jon Jones. Cormier seems to be open to that idea. But Jones doesn’t seem to want anything to do with DC – saying “I already knocked him out”. I don’t think this fight will happen, not only because we’ve done that before, and that we want something exciting and new for Daniel Cormier’s possible final fight.

Enter “The Beast” Brock Lesnar. It’s been over 2 years since The Beast has entered the octagon to compete. But he’s been active in the WWE. So “getting into shape” shouldn’t be an issue. After all, he’s a genetic freak.

Stipe Miocic has been calling for a rematch with Cormier ever since DC knocked him out to take the heavyweight title at UFC 226. Cormier has been very vocal about his willingness to give Stipe a rematch. But this deadline DC has created for retirement (I believe it is April 2019) will make that difficult. Daniel Cormier says if for whatever reason Lesnar cannot make the fight in January he will fight Stipe. Then, probably retire.

See what I mean? There’s so much going on here with all the moving parts. Honestly, I get the feeling that DC wants to fight twice, before retiring. He’s very interested in fighting Lesnar. That is the fight he personally wants.

All looks good right now for the Lesnar return fight. So I think we will be seeing Lesnar VS. Daniel Cormier sometime early next year.


Now, here’s another catch! What if Cormier loses that fight with Lesnar? I really don’t think DC would just retire on a loss. Going from the champ-champ to losing and hanging em’ up? No, I just don’t see it. So if DC and Lesnar fight, and DC wins I think he will retire. If DC loses to Lesnar – and especially in a severe fashion – I think he’ll want another fight. At that point it wouldn’t be with Stipe, as Stipe would probably fight Lesnar for the heavyweight belt later in the year. So at that point Lesnar and Stipe would be out of the question for DC. Unless DC wants to take on a lower ranking fighter (as he wouldn’t have the title at this point) that leaves Jon Jones or any of these other current top 10 Heavyweights.

wouldn’t be surprised if it came down to that, the UFC would just have DC pick his own fight.

Or what if Gustafsson beats Jon Jones and takes the Light Heavyweight title? DC VS. Gustafsson for the Light Heavyweight belt?

I don’t know. It’s so hard to predict. So many options and nothing to go off of. But again, in my opinion I think DC takes on Brock Lesnar for sure, sometime in January. Then retires if he wins. It will be fun to watch! Keep it locked here for other MMA and UFC news!