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Unbelievable: Hillary Clinton on black people: “they call all look-alike”

Hillary thinks all blacks look-alike

During a live Q&A session this past weekend, Kara Swisher was interviewing former Democratic Presidential nominee Hillary Clinton when the question was asked to Hillary “how do you feel about [Cory Booker] saying kick them in the shins?” Hillary corrected her saying it was Eric Holder, not Booker. When the interviewer corrected herself Hillary laughed and said “yeah I know, they all look-alike”.

Mark Dice on Twitter

Hillary Clinton jokes that all black people look alike. Racist jokes are funny when liberals say them. They’ll get you fired and deplatformed if you’re a conservative though. https://t.co/vAloFduomW

Hillary, Kara and the crowd start laughing. This is the Democratic Party. Thinking so little of the black community, stealing the black vote and laughing while doing it.

RealNSE.com on Twitter

@MarkDice @john85235517 I think the saddest part is, because she’s a Democrat, she gets a pass for this. This will get virtually no media coverage and no liberal outrage. Just think, for a second, if President Trump said this…