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President Trump: “if you want Hillary Clinton investigated – I’ll nominate her for SCOTUS”

During the Trump/Cruz rally in Texas Monday night, President Trump called out the media as he always does. But this time, he slammed Hillary Clinton at the same time.

Texas – President Trump travelled to Texas to show support for Republican Senator Ted Cruz. Ted is up for re-election in a semi-tight race with Democrat Beto O’Rourke. Cruz currently holds about a 5 point lead over Beto.

“Beautiful Ted”

MSNBC on Twitter

WATCH: President Trump on his evolved relationship with Sen. Cruz: “He’s not Lyin’ Ted anymore, he’s Beautiful Ted.” https://t.co/nThXaBL1Kq

The media is of course bashing Senator Cruz and President Trump for being cordial with each other after a fierce 2016 Presidential election where Cruz and Trump battled it out in various debates.

RealNSE.com on Twitter

I find it funny that some people actually think @tedcruz getting along with @potus (@realDonaldTrump) is some kind of weakness. It’s called politics. You may not like someone, but you work together for the betterment of the country. Something @TheDemocrats know nothing about.

Investigate Hillary Clinton

Halfway through the rally President Trump really started to let loose. At one point he pointed right at the media cameras in the back and asked the crowd “if you want the fake news media to finally investigate Hillary” — the crowd immediately broke into a mixture of “lock her up” and “CNN sucks” chants. The President continued by saying: “but if you want the fake news to finally investigate Hillary Clinton we’ll just have” – crowd breaks out in another roar – “so if you want them to investigate, we’ll just have to nominate Hillary Clinton to the United States Supreme Court. Let’s see how she does. If Judge Kavanaugh had to go through what he went through – and he’s a fine man. Can you imagine Hillary up there. That would take three to four years [worth] of questioning.

President Trump is so good at exposing the hypocrisy in members of the left. For those who aren’t as quick-witted as our President, I’ll explain what he’s saying here. The media and people on the left called for major investigations into Judge Brett Kavanaugh during the hearings this past month for decades old allegations. Since the media doesn’t seem to care about Hillary Clinton and her crimes and all the laws she has broken, maybe if she is nominated to SCOTUS we’ll get an investigation like we did with Kavanaugh.