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Mayweather says he is “definitely” going to box Khabib Nurmagomedov

This would be a disaster!!

Are you surprised? Floyd Mayweather may be coming out of retirement, again! For a fight against a non-boxer, again! This time he has his eye on Khabib Nurmagomedov – the current undefeated lightweight UFC champion. Khabib is coming off of a pretty devastating defeat over Conor Mcgregor at UFC 229.

Last year, Mayweather stepped out of retirement to face then two division champion, Conor Mcgregor. That boxing match sold anywhere from 4.5-6.5 million (conflicting reports) PPV buys.

TMZ caught up (video above) with Mayweather earlier tonight and straight up asked Floyd about the rumors around fighting Khabib. He answer “oh we fighting” and “definitely”. He also estimates — if it happens —he’ll make more money than the Mayweather vs. McGregor fight did saying “probably around $100,000 more” than the May/Mac fight.

The reporter also brought up how Floyd was training for MMA previously and if it would be a boxing or an MMA event. Mayweather responded that he is the “A” side, so Khabib comes to him.

This fight should not happen. The thing about Conor McGregor fighting Floyd Mayweather is that Conor has phenomenal striking skills and power. Because of that, it made that fight special and very entertaining. Conor and Floyd were a good match for each other to. And I’m not even necessarily talking about the fighting aspect. But the trash talking, the out of the ring antics ETC. They’re similar in that style. And that is why it sold so much and had so many people talking about it

If Khabib fights Mayweather, it won’t go long, it would look like a joke because Khabib will be destroyed. Also, can you imagine the world tour press-conference? Khabib is such a boring talker. It would be a disaster. Not to mention it WILL NOT sell a fraction of the PPV buys that the May/Mac fight did.

One quick theory: this may be just a ploy to get eyes on Mayweather for a possible rematch against Manny Pacquiao or even Conor McGregor. We’ll see how this plays out…